5 collector’s items that all Olympic Games lovers would dream about!

What is a collectors’ item?

You may wonder what collector items are..

A collectible or a collectors’ item is one which is worth a lot more than when it was sold in the first place. In other words, it is a product which, for one reason or another, is considered to be “valuable”.  

image showing collector items Athens Marathon The Authentic medals

So why is an item valuable?

An item could be valuable because it is rare or because it is particularly popular. That could be because it once belonged to someone famous or because it is linked to an important moment in history. For example, a pen which once belonged to Princess Diana of Wales or the very first issue of the Times magazine!

What determines the price of collector items?

The price of a certain collector’s item depends on the number of available items of the same type, as well as the condition it is in.  If an item is in perfect condition, it is usually much more expensive than one which is shabby.

What do collector items usually collect?

Categories of collectibles include stamps, antique furniture, posters, coins, classic cars and toys. For example, there are people who collect stamps from countries all over the world. As well as, others collect old furniture like armchairs and tables.

1896 Olympic Posters is considered a valuable collector items
set of 4 pieces of Panathenaic Stadium Collectible Coin
image of press papier vintage piece considered valuable collector items

What is the difference between collector items and antiques?

A really old armchair or an old table in someone’s collection is called an antique. So, what is the difference between an antique and a collector’s item? It all has to do with age! In contrast, antiques collector’s items are not necessarily old. In other words, an antique could be a collectible, but a collectible might not be an antique. Think of a T-shirt signed by a superstar. You may have it in your collection because it is considered valuable not due to its age, but because of the value that the superstar’s signature carries. The T-shirt might, in fact, be brand new.

How many items are considered a collection?

A collection does not have a minimum number of items! There are different sizes of collections, ranging from… just two items to thousands of items. Moreover, large collections sometimes have sub-collections, just to help you organize your items better.

The National Philatelic Collection in the United States is considered to be one of the largest stamp collections in the world. It consists of nearly six million stamps and related items. It is owned by the USA government.

Which are the weirdest collections in the world?

People around the world don’t only collect stamps or pins. There are also weirder collections by individuals or groups in different parts of the globe. These include collections of:

  • Banana stickers
  • Bagpipes
  • Celebrities’ hair
  • Sugar packets
  • Coffee cup lids
  • Pizza boxes
  • Chopsticks
  • Napkins
  • Traffic cones
  • Umbrella sleeves
  • Back scratchers

You can learn more about collector’s items here:

And some… even more valuable collector items!

Who wouldn’t dream of having an Olympic medal in their collection? Who wouldn’t like an Olympic torch in their office or living room? In fact, items like the Olympic medal or the Olympic torch are also part of the Look of the Games of each edition.

So, can I have an Olympic medal in my collection?

There are two types of medals: the Olympic participation medal and the winning medal. The former is given to all athletes and officials who take part in each edition of the Games and is easier to find. Obviously, it is also much cheaper for someone who wants to have it in their collection. The latter is the medal given to the athletes who place first, second and third in each discipline of the Olympic Games programme. The winner of each discipline receives the gold medal, the athlete who places second receives the silver, while the athlete who comes third receives the bronze medal. Conversely, these medals are rarer, and their price is much higher.

What about an Olympic torch?

It should be noted, that the Olympic torch relay took place for the first time prior to the Olympic Games of 1936, in Berlin. Since then, the Olympic flame starts its journey from Olympia, Greece, and travels in the hands of torchbearers until it reaches the host city of the Games. The last torchbearer, usually an important athlete from the host country, lights the cauldron at the Stadium, during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. That is why an Olympic torch is a particularly important collectible for an Olympic Games lover. As you imagine, the importance and scarcity of this collector’s item makes it much more expensive for a collector who wants to have it in his or her collection.

You can find more information about the Olympic symbols here:

Did you know? Only 22 torches were made for the 1952 Helsinki Games! .

What do we mean by the phrase “signed memorabilia”?

Collector items which is signed by someone who is -for any reason- considered “important”, falls under the signed memorabilia category. An “important” person is usually someone who is well-known and popular. This could be a head of state, a famous artist or a top athlete. 

Why is a signed Olympic T-shirt considered to be a valuable collector’s item?

An official Olympic T-shirt is by itself a valuable collector’s item, for the reasons described above. If it is signed, however, its value increases further. Imagine having a Beijing 2008 official Olympic T-shirt, signed by one of the protagonists of that edition of the Games. That could be a medallist, an athlete who took part or even a member of the Games’ organizing committee. The reason that such a T-shirt is considered to be valuable is its rarity. The price of the signed T-shirt will depend on various factors, including whether the T-shirt is an official one or not, as well as who it is signed by. If, for example, the T-shirt is signed by a gold medallist, it will be much more expensive than a T-shirt signed by a relatively unknown athlete.

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