Olympic Posters

This is our Olympic Posters collection! Here you can find all the official Posters since 1896, when the first modern Olympic Games took place. This was in the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, Greece.

The Olympic Posters visually carry the identity of each Olympic Games

This is how each edition is made recognizable to the world. After the huge success of the first editions of the modern Olympic Games, Olympic organizers decided to create an official poster for each edition.

The scope was both to promote the Games, as well as to keep them vivid in the memory of people all over the world. The first official poster wasn’t created until 1912, when the Games took place in Sweden. The images of t the first four editions -in Athens, Paris, St. Louis, and London- are the covers of the official Olympic program.
Since the 1912 Games, the host country has designed and presented a poster to represent each edition. When seen together, these Summer Olympic posters allow us to time-travel through 120 years.  Moreover, not only  120 years of Olympics but also world history. Furthermore,  to discover the diversity of spirit and culture that is at the heart of the Games.​

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