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Welcome to the official Collectibles Store of the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, Greece.

Our Collectibles Store offers the only authorized selection of design products certified by the Hellenic Olympic Committee. 

2004 Olympics Athens

Check out now our 2004 Olympics Athens collection, where you can find the official 2004 Olympics memorabilia.

Panathenaic Stadium

In our collectibles store you can find the only official collection of unique collectible items related to the Stadium including marble replicas of the stadium.

Olympic Posters

This is our Olympic Posters collection! Here you can find all the official Olympic Posters since 1896, when the first modern Olympic Games took place.

Athens Marathon - The Athentic

Here you can exclusively find the collectible medal of Athens Marathon – The Authentic, organized by SEGAS, the Hellenic Athletics Federation.

All products are inspired by the history and spirit of the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, where the first Olympic Games of the modern era took place.
It is the only stadium in the world built entirely of marble!

First Modern Games were based on the ancient Olympic Games, firstly documented back in 776 BC! The collectibles store takes its name after the date when these first modern Olympic Games took place. In fact, the opening ceremony took place on 25 March 1896!

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  • Abstract Panathenaic Stadium Keyring Full Colour – two sidedAbstract Panathenaic Stadium Keyring Full Colour – two sided
  • Abstract Panathenaic Stadium Keyring Mix Colour – two sidedAbstract Panathenaic Stadium Keyring Mix Colour – two sided
  • Amsterdam 1928 Olympic PosterAmsterdam 1928 Olympic Poster
  • Ancient Olympia Collectable CoinAncient Olympia Collectable Coin

Collectibles Store: Our Story​

Description: The story of The Store 1896, the official Panathenaic Stadium Museum collectibles store. Our Collectibles Store collection includes uniquely designed pieces, inspired by the Greek culture and history, the Panathenaic Stadium and the Olympic Games.

The Store 1896 is the Official Panathenaic Stadium Museum Collectibles Store.
Are you looking for uniquely designed memorabilia inspired by the Greek history and culture and related to the Olympic Games? Moreover, are you interested in the Olympic sports? Furthermore, do you follow the Authentic Athens Marathon? You are at the right place!

Altogether products and collectible pieces are certified and approved by the Hellenic Olympic Committee. Moreover, they can be purchased either through our online store or at our shop, which is located at the Panathenaic Stadium in the city of Athens, Greece.

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