Athens Marathon – The Authentic

This is our Athens Marathon – The Authentic collection! Here you can exclusively find the collectible medal of Athens Marathon – The Authentic, organized by SEGAS, the Hellenic Athletics Federation. The medal is certified by SEGAS.

A new concept was introduced in 2009 in regards with the Athens Marathon – The Authentic medal. This concept will be developed during the next few years, until 2027. The series consists of 8 medals, designed by renowned Greek and foreign artists, each featuring a letter of the word MARATHON. By 2027, the combination of the eight engraved letters will spell the entire word and the completed series of finisher medals will be a great collection for collectors’ memorabilia in Greece and abroad.

Each medal will also feature a different, flagship moment of the history of this Olympic sport on its one side. On the other side, the Panathenaic Stadium will be featured on all 8 medals. The 2019 medal was designed by the renowned Greek artist Alekos Fasianos, who designed a scene from the Marathon Battle of 490 B.C. In this battle, around 11 000 Greeks, led by Miltiades, achieved a victory over the Persians, preventing the Persians from entering Europe. Alekos Fasianos is one of the most famous modern Greek artists, with an international career. His work is exhibited in museums and collections all over the world.

After the cancellation of the Marathon in 2020 due to Covid-19, the 2021 Marathon medal is designed by another famous artist, Costas Varotsos. The medal features Hemerodromos, the man who carried the message of victory from Marathon to Athens. Costas Varotsos is an award-winning artist, whose work crosses the boundaries between painting and sculpture.

The medals which will follow will feature great moments of the Marathon history like the 1896 Athens Olympics marathon and the 1897 Boston Marathon, as well as great figures of the sport including Abede Bikila, Haile Gebreselassie, Eliud Kipchonge, Bobbi Gibbs and Katherine Switzer.

The diameter of each medal is 7cm, it is made of zinc and weighs 120 grams. On the side which features the Panathenaic Stadium, you can also find the word “FINISHER”, while there is also some available space for the runner to write their name and time.

In our store, you can also buy exclusive cases and display stands, especially designed for these medals.

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