Panathenaic Stadium Official Replica of "The Commemorative Column" made of Greek marble 1:1000


 On the left side the right gate / entrance of the Panathenaic Stadium there are 5 marble columns of 2.00m high and 1.00m wide, all crafted out of the Pentelic Marble (the same kind as the one used to build the Panathenaic Stadium itself as well as Parthenon).

The 1st and the 2nd marble columns have hand engraved all the Olympic Cities since 1896 until today in their chronological order, as well as the date that each of the Olympic Games took place. Every four years, a sculptor engraves by hand the new city and date of the latest Olympic Games. 

The 3rd column has engraved all the presidents of the International Olympic Committee in the chronological order of their time in office.

The 4th column has engraved the Olympic Oath.

The 5th column has engraved the........

Official Replica scale: 1:10000

Material: Greek Marble (Pentelicon Mount / Naxos island / Thasos Island)
Height:15.00cm, Width:7.50cm, Depth:4.00cm

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