Panathenaic Stadium Official Hardcover Album


Discover 2,500 years of history through the Panathenaic Stadium Official Hardcover Album! The Panathenaic Stadium, the only stadium in the world built entirely of marble, and the home of the first Modern Olympics (took place in 1896) has been a landmark for hundreds of years. A symbol of Sports and Culture, a cultural monument and the place where the Olympic Flame begins its journey to all Olympic Games around the world.

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Discover 2500 years of History through The Panathenaic Stadium Official Album!

The Panathenaic Stadium has been a landmark not only of Athens but also for the whole of Greece for hundreds of years. Symbol of Sport and Culture of society and tourism, its history follows that of the Greek Capital. Thus, enhancing all the values of Hellenism.

2500 years of History, Culture and Sports!

The Stadium’s reach history is linked in inextricably with the revival of the Olympic games in 1896, with the Olympic games of 2004. In addition, many of the important events in Athens over the years.
It is here that the Torch with the Olympic Flame is handed over for all the Olympic Games. Certainly, to continue its journey to the cities hosting this paramount celebration of sport.
Finally, enjoy turning the pages of the The Panathenaic Stadium Official Album and travel through time and history!

The Panathenaic Stadium Official Album Description:

Publication: Radiant Technologies SA
Type: Book Guide
Authors: Hellenic Olympic Committee
Size: 220 X 220 mm
Pages: 324 / Illustrations: 104
Design – Printing-book binding: Radiant Technologies SA
ISBN: 978-618-80888-1-8  / Year: 2020
Cover: Hardcover – Special Edition
Paper: FSC-certified paper
Weight: 300 gr

This Panathenaic Stadium Album is printed in parallel text, in Greek and English.

Delivered in Hard Paper Box with 1896 logo.

For a great corporate gift add also the Panathenaic Stadium Hermes Double-faced Column made of Greek marble!

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