Hellenic Heritage Collection of 12 Coins


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A collection of 12 Coins from Greece.
1.  Knossos Palace / Crete Island
2.  Phaistos Disc / Crete Island
3.  Panathenaic Stadium (Kalimarmaro) / Athens Greece
4.  Parthenon / Athens Greece
5.  Acropolis / Athens Greece
6.  Temple of Poseidon / Attika Greece
7.  White tower / City of Thessaloniki Macedonia
8.  The lion of Delos / Delos Cyclades Island Greece
9.  Mykonos / Cyclades Island Greece
10.Santorini / Greece
11.Mandraki / Rodos Greece
12.The Greek Parliament Guard

More than 100 different coin designs inspired by Greece’s heritage, history and unique landmarks, give you a lasting memory of this remarkable land. Each coin design is specially developed by our creative team who has a deep understanding of local tradition and culture.
Hellenic Heritage coins are ideal for the international visitor seeking a souvenir to evoke the special experiences and places that made your journey so unique, or for a local wishing to take a piece of your country to friends, colleagues and family abroad.


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