The Store 1896 - about us

Store & Kiosk
Top photos: Interior of The Store 1896. The store is located inside the Panathenaic Stadium, to access the store you must purchase a ticket to enter the Stadium.
Bottom photo: The kiosk of The Store 1896. The kiosk is just outside the Panathenaic Stadium, to your right  (to access the kiosk you do not need Stadium ticket).
The Store 1896 is the Official Panathenaic Stadium Museum Shop.
From our online store, you can buy memorabilia, all inspired by Greek History & Culture and related to the Olympic Games, the Sports and the Marathon Race.
All products are certified and approved by the Hellenic Olympic Committee and can only be purchased either in our on line store: or in our shop which is hosted in The Panathenaic Stadium in the city of Athens Greece.